Labeling systems for food processing



Labelpack has developed a wide range of labeling systems, able to apply one or more labels onto the package and managing online printing for variable data and barcodes. The labeling systems of Modular series represents top level solution, with open frame structure in stainless steel, on which various labeling modules of Labelx series can be integrated for application onto the top and bottom of the product trays. This system is equipped with an electronic control unit positioned in a hanging framework where is housed the PLC and the operator interface touch screen. The operation speed are all electronically synchronized and all the adjustments are equipped with numerical indicators to facilitate the exchange format and the consequent repositioning to the previous position. Modular systems can integrate different conveyor modules, studied according to the characteristics, size, weight and shape of the container to be labeled, this conveyors are integrated in “balcony” position that allows easy cleaning of the floor area under the machine, avoiding that any liquid drop could reach the parts of the machine which result difficult to be cleaned and sanitizing. The labels application units Labelx which are available for label width 140-250 mm and can integrate all the thermal transfer industrial print engine, available on the international market, with a 4″ and 6″ printing width made by Datamax, Zebra, Sato, Avery, CAB, Carl Valentin.

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