Isobaric filling machine for water and soft drinks


Isojet, the isobaric filling machine from Melegari Technology is designed to bottle carbonated and still beverages in glass or pet bottles.

Particularly suitable for mineral water, beer and soft drinks, it is available in a specific version for glass bottles that offers high filling performance and multiple benefits thanks to an electro-pneumatic valves with no dynamic seals.

The jack for lifting the bottles is placed inside, thus protected from any bursts or breakage of the bottles. The “snif” is adjusted from the operator touch-screen panel according to the different products to be bottled. Sanitization is performed by means of dummy bottles. The filler can be supplied in monobloc with the rinsing machine and different types of cappers (for crown caps, screw caps, etc.).

The technical features are: production ranging from 2500 to 72,000 bottles per hour; number valves from 15 to 140; parts in contact with the product in SS 304. The size of treatable bottles are: height from 140 to 340 mm; diameter from 48 to 115 mm.

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