Inspection of bricks and doy-packs


Clavistec Pen-Tec provides tools for control and inspection of foreign bodies with X-ray technology. The EL-400/V series, in particular, is designed for the control of vertical products such as bottles, bricks, doy-packs, but also bags with square bottom and cases.

This configuration is composed by an inspector with lateral scan point and a curved sensor designed to retrieve the image distortion and optimize the scanning of higher products. The X-ray inspection technology alongside with these technical expedients ensures the detection of dangerous foreign bodies (metals, glass, stones, high density plastics), regardless of the packaging material and content.

The operator interface is designed with 12” colour touch screen. The inspection is ruled from PEN-TEC electronics which uses a dedicated software with function of self-learning, thus promoting the use from non-expert line operators. The units are complete of interconnections and data and images collection software for defective products and kits for remote assistance.

Furthermore, they are designed to communicate with external systems and meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.

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