DP model

Injecting machines


With its experience in the realization of customized solutions for deposit of food mixes, Comas proposes itself as an ideal partner on international scale to satisfy the requirements of the modern food industries in need of flexible plants to cope with a market in continuous evolution. Produces a wide range of depositing and injecting machines, capable of high performances, offering a diversity of technical solutions to meet with the requirements of each customer in terms of either dosing amounts and production capacity. DP model is capable of working with trays of various widths (600-800-1000-1200-1500 mm) and of reaching an approximate production capacity of 30 cycles/minute. It is designed to deposit or fill products placed on trays having its own intermittent lug chain conveyor synchronized with the depositing head which can be static or provided with vertical movement. It’s possible to integrate into an existing production line by using an accelerating device for automatic tray feeding onto the intermittent conveyor.

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