Industrial shock freezers for trolleys


Industrial Supro 170243 shock freezers from Gavacold are designed specifically for blast chilling/fast freezing of bakery and pastry products, pizza and food preparations. The structure is made of high density polyurethane CFC-free injected isothermal panels, fixed by eccentric hooks to ensure perfect adhesion.

Internal and external finish are made of white pre-painted galvanized sheet metal (stainless steel finish is available upon request). The internal corners of the panels are completely rounded to ensure better cleaning and ease of maintenance. A user-friendly control panel with PGD3 touch screen display is positioned on the door.

The main technical data of the industrial shock freezer are: temperature range from 90°C to -18°C at the core of the product; internal/external bumper bars and access ramp in stainless steel 304; floor covering and insulation with 100 mm thick panels; capacity three trolleys 60 x 80; power supply 400 V, 50 Hz; power 21.5 kW; air temperature -40°C; electronic temperature sensor with core probe.

Production and cycle time change according to the product: blast chilling cycle +90/+3°C in 30 min; deep freezing cycle +90/-18°C in 60 min for 220 kg, referred to small-sized dough pieces (100 g) with 50% humidity.

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