Ice machines


OMT manufactures ice water systems with installed electrical power lower than that required with a normal live cooler, which also allows the reduction of the power of the air condenser or the evaporative tower with consequent lower dimensions and noise. Flexibility is total, because there is no limitation on the number and type of users.

By using water at a lower temperature (colder than live systems), it is possible to achieve higher temperature differences in the air and water circuits, reducing flow rates and sections of the same. The production range includes several models, with storage capacities from 90,000 to 2,880,000 kcal. Each tank can be combined with several condensing units to achieve storage times of six to twenty hours.

The internal tank, made of double welded, 2-mm thick Aisi 304 stainless steel sheet, provides: interna pulsedl MIG for better mechanical strength, external TIG to guarantee tightness.

The external cladding includes: walls insulation, thickness 85 mm (sandwich panels); foamed bottom, thickness 100 mm; insulated casing and lids in zinc-coated sandwich panels (on request Aisi 304); foamed insulated bottom in galvanized sheet metal (on request Aisi 304); base and reinforcements in painted steel.

The plants, built according to European and PED directives and certified by TÜV, are available with direct expansion of freon gas, glycol or direct expansion of CO2.

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