Hygienic double-screw pumps


FDS is a hygienic double-screw pump designed by Fristam for handling products with high and low viscosities. This pump allows to work in very harsh conditions and reaches pressures up to 25 bar.

Precise and sturdy, this pump is available in five different sizes with up to eight different types of screws, covering a broad range of capacities, differential pressures and products. The new FDS TSG System expands the double screw pumps application field by allowing full use of the speed range, going beyond the three-phase motors working range.

Combined with a common frequency converter, the new system allows to reach up to 1:50 ratio between production and CIP phase. This ensures flow rates above 2.5 m/s during the cleaning process, even in pipelines with large cross sections. FDS TSG features a sophisticated gearbox design that does not require large servomotors and special frequency converters. It is ideal for production facilities with a wide range of flow rates.

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