Hot & Cold extraction units


Boema manufactures the turbo extractors Mod. PR410 (hot extraction version) and Mod. PR411 (cold extraction version), available with cylindrical extraction chamber equipped with an innovative rotor with centralised system for the adjustment of the vanes. They allow a continuous and perfect cleaning of the extraction filter, while optimising the centrifugal thrust on the product in order to prevent breakage of seeds and other solid parts. Thanks to their shape, the vanes can be assembled in two different positions respect to the axis of rotation in order to adjust the residence time of the product as well as the distribution of the product inside the extraction chamber. The extraction yield is variable according to the number of vanes. The vanes can be hard or soft, to maximize the extraction yields with all types of products while preventing stress conditions. The rotation speed of the rotor is controlled by inverter, so that the centrifugal force of extraction can be adjusted according to production needs. The picture shows the hot turbo extractor Mod. PR410, featuring a motor for the discharge of the rotor and a door on the product infeed side.

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