Homogenization systems


GEA present innovations and developments under the motto “Inspiring Beverage Solutions”: covering everything from fruit juice, milk, wine and beer production, uses project-based and standard solutions to help customers prepare for the future.

This concept is a vision of continuous brewing and fermentation, placing strong demands on tomorrow’s technology and IT infrastructure. Another pioneering feature is the linking of beer production – the continuous mash separation in double decanters, fermentation and maturation processes as well as quality assurance – with production technology and processing of digital data.

A new chapter in high-pressure homogenization systems is being opened with the market launch of the Ariete Homogenizer 5400. It provides throughput of 80,000 liters an hour with 120 bar of pressure creating the largest capacity a five-piston homogenizer has ever provided, setting new standards in terms of reliability, product safety and operating costs.

ABF Technology (Aseptic Blow Fill) for sustainable beverage bottling also composed of an aseptic rotary blow molding machine with an integrated aseptic filling and aseptic capping systems featuring maximum efficiency for processing sensitive beverages into PET bottles.

The aseptic blow molding process reduces the use of chemicals and energy consumptions for sterilizing operations.

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