Good Italian pasta packaged with Italian packing machines

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Vertical cartoning machine IVFBfb-10 to 260 cartons/min, with automatic format change, brushless motors and patented NPU system for positive box opening (reliability even at high speeds)

Packaging and content 100% Made in Italy. Senzani Brevetti remains the market leader in pasta packaging machines with new orders from Barilla’s plants in Italy and abroad.

Senzani Brevetti, founded by Iro Senzani in 1953 in the heart of Italy’s Romagna region, produces vertical cartoning machines for pasta and case packers for tobacco, two industries where the company has been leading for over 40 years. The company has progressively widened its activities from primary and secondary packaging into full production lines. Still managed by the Senzani family, the company offers a compete range of machines that are used in applications in a wide variety of industries: Vertical Cartoners (VeCa), Display & Tray Packers (DiPa), Case Packers & Manipulators (CaPa), Special Applications (for packaging and end-of-line). With over 60 employees and staff members, Senzani Brevetti proudly serves a world-wide customer base that includes major multinationals like UniLever, Henkel and Reckitt Benckiser in the detergent industry, Barilla and Nestlè in food, and JTI, Bat and Philip Morris in the tobacco industry. Pasta packaging has been Senzani’s historic strength and the company is specialized in vertical cartoning machines for pasta. As testimony to this, several important tenders have been won during 2014. Among these are the soon to be delivered orders placed by Barilla, with whom Senzani has had a strong business partnership for almost 50 years, for new machines to equip their Italian and international plants.

Case packer CP25 from180 packs/min coming out of three different machines for packaging long pasta
Case packer CP25 from180 packs/min coming out of three different machines for packaging long pasta

Full production lines for short and long pasta
To meet the needs of a company like Barilla, Senzani designed a complete short pasta line made up of a vertical IVFX8-S cartoner and a CP25 case packer. Together the cartoner and case packer are a perfectly integrated system that can process up to 200 cartons a minute. A second CP25 case packer, able to receive 180 packages per minute coming from three different machines, allows packaging of long pasta into American cases. Reliability is guaranteed by a conveyor system (fully mechanical) of three outfeeds merging into one. Also with the positive opening of the box and the high capacity magazine (for long intervals of loading empty units) makes for a reliable and high performance line. The new IVFBfb-10 vertical carton machine is able to process up to 260 cartons per minute. It supports completely automatic format changes and therefore offers wide versatility in terms of type of carton. It is also equipped with modern features such as brushless motors and the most recent automation platforms joined with components that are the vanguard of Senzani technology like the NPU, for example, which allows for positive opening of the cartons (patent pending in Italy) and guarantees reliability at high operating speeds.