Full plants for breweries


Spadoni Beer Division builds complete and simple plants equipped with all automatic controls and devices for setting the procedures and parameters necessary to obtain a product that is perfectly reproducible. This reproducibility is guaranteed by the integrated automation system of the plant that allows generating the same product from the same recipe with the possibility of varying the existing recipes easily and quickly.

With regard to the architecture and engineering of the plants, the company offers solutions ranging from industrial grade in stainless steel, in compliance with all the technological and hygienic requirements, up to copper coated plants, integrated by all complementary components or accessories that are part of a complete plant. The plants can be of the traditional “all grain” type, with steam or diathermic oil heating, or plants designed for the production of extract beer.

The mashing in traditional machines can be carried out both by decoction or infusion. While filtration is carried out with a traditional vat or with a filter press for spent grain (in case of many raw cereals). Whirlpool is sized for optimal hot turbidity sedimentation and correct stripping during recirculation. Wort cooling is carried out by means of inspectable plate-type exchangers.

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