FT System, innovative solutions to guarantee the quality and safety of food products


A wide range of inspection systems to ensure the quality and safety of food products through innovative technological applications and digital solutions to monitor and trace products along the supply chain.

Companies in the food sector have an increasing need for online quality controls that can intervene at all stages of the production process, to ensure that the product arrives compliant with the consumer to guarantee safety and brand reputation. Thanks to the know-how gained in over twenty years of activity, FT System, part of the Antares Vision Group, guarantees a quality control system capable of covering inspection and digitization needs at every stage of the supply chain.

The innovative technologies of laser or IR spectroscopy have allowed FT system to bring online a fundamental inspection for food companies to detect the presence of micro-holes in welding or packaging, inspecting inline 100% of products without the need to change the composition of the product or the speed of the line. The operating principle is based on the detection of the leakage from the package (tray or bag) of target molecules that are naturally contained or intentionally added, such as CO2 in products packaged in MAP.

If the target molecule is detected in the area around the package, it means that there is a micro hole, and the product is discarded. This technology can be utilized in many applications, such as the production of fresh pasta, wraps, meat, etc. It is also possible to identify molecules such as alcohol, aromas, or essences, thus extending the field of application to products such as packaged bread or coffee.

An innovative application that allows you to check the integrity of the weld on 100% of production and prevent not or bad preserved products from reaching the consumer, avoiding economic damage in terms of product recall and image in terms of brand reputation. Another important attribute of these checks is presence of material in the weld. Manual control of this defect by the operator is often difficult, especially in the case of colored or opaque foils.

For this FT System has two types of solutions available that use different cameras depending on the type of product: vision cameras can be inserted for transparent or IR or hyperspectral foils if the foil is opaque or colored. Combining the inspection of the seal with that of the presence of material guarantees the integrity of the seal and packaging and therefore the shelf life and quality of the product.

The range of inspections is completed by the automatic quality control of the label and its data, to avoid product returns or complaints, and solutions for x-ray, metal detector and weighing controls and to ensure safety, quality, and compliance of the product. Being part of the Antares Vision Group adds the expertise of traceability and smart data management, also thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.

An integration of knowledge that allows FT System to offer solutions able to cover the multiple needs of producers through online quality controls, intelligent data management and end-to-end traceability along the supply chain, up to and including dialogue with the consumer, to establish a relationship of trust and satisfy the need for transparency, authenticity and information on the quality of the product.

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