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Storci has dedicated years to developing the Premix® pre-mixing unit for pasta makers. 600 of these machines have already been installed around the world and many attempts have been made to imitate it. It can be installed on all kneading tanks, presses and dough sheeters and offers a range of advantages: it is easy to use, ensures perfect flour hydration, requires no heating of the product and guarantees low energy consumption, high productivity and easy accessibility and cleaning. The result, in just a few simple words? Revolutionary dough making. Mechanically the Premix® machine has always been extremely reliable, but now thanks to the latest modifications , wear on construction materials has been reduced by 30% while it still remains extremely easy to clean. What’s more, it has been developed with particularly fine and light raw materials also in mind (such as soft wheat flour). Storci installs its pre-mixer on all kneading tanks and on the presses used in the large-scale dry pasta production lines  built by Fava, Storci’s partner and market leader. They are also installed on the dough making units Storci develops, such as the Beltmix and the Bakmix and also constitutes an obvious choice for use with the Trolley Premix®. It is ideal for small artisanal pasta makers and small- to medium-size pasta plants as it can be used for various kinds of production processes: fresh pasta,  fresh filled pasta, sheet pasta, dried pasta, gluten-free pasta and gnocchi.  Trolley Premix® is a centralized dough preparation system (with automatic dosing of all the ingredients) built to supply different dough user units (presses, sheeters, shaping machines for regional pasta shapes etc.), thanks to the various configuration options available. The “wheeled” version means it can be moved over to the units needing the dough. Developed mainly with the aim of reducing the number of personnel needed to prepare the dough, leaving them free to work in other departments, it is designed to obtain dough mixes that maintain uniform characteristics over time.  The PLC allows the user to store a high number of recipes which are easy to modify. The other units can be adjusted more quickly and efficiently (for example different sheets for filled pasta or for long pasta). Ideal for coloured doughs, it offers quick recipe changeover times thanks to the self-cleaning unit.

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