Food trayed packaging, a win-win solution for conveying, feeding and labelling

Custom module for tray de-stacking, serum-absorbing pad insertion, and labelling.

Conveying, feeding and labelling are key processes for in-line food packaging. Products packaged in trays not only have to be distributed and labelled but can be very often accompanied by additional information or promotional inserts to complete the packaging, or in case of fresh products, need additional support such as adsorbent pads.

Among the many possible configurations dedicated specifically to the packaging of food trays designed by Etipack, a compact, yet effective solution combines three systems into a small self-sufficient line allowing to successfully process the product packaging. The line integrates at the infeed a Clippy Denester pick-and-place de-stacker with double loading stack that allows trays to be picked and distributed horizontally on the packaging line.

Next, the pack is conveyed to a Whizzy automatic friction feeder, complete with loading magazine, which feeds and distributes pad absorbers, positioning them precisely within the tray. The solution is completed by a bottom labelling machine, complete with a print unit, applying a label displaying static and dynamic product information such as ingredient list, expiration date, batch, etc.

Serum-absorbing pad distribution into trays with Whizzy Feeder.

A complete range of systems designed for the food industry

The above solution is an example of the wide range of integration possibilities offered by Etipack, which, alongside standard machines, offers tailor-made solutions designed according to the specific and particular requirements of both production companies and, above all, packaging line manufacturers who can rely on a solid design capacity and consolidated experience in the food sector.

Among its portfolio, Etipack offers a wide range of robust and reliable Feeder and Pick & Place machines capable of enduring the highest processing rates. Prominent among the top lines are the Whizzy and Clippy Denester models, which, thanks to their flexibility and configurability, can meet a wide variety of production requirements. Whizzy is a machine for feeding (friction singularization) and in-line distribution of flat and thin products that are precisely positioned in a defined space. Top of the range in terms of performance, accessories and possible formats, it is ideal for integration into high-speed, high-precision lines.

Clippy Denester is a pick-and-place manipulator for unstacking thermoformed plastic trays and lids. By using suction cups, it picks up stacked products from a loading warehouse and distributes them horizontally on the packaging line. It is equipped with a double magazine to distribute 2 side-by-side trays and increase production speed. At Cibus Tec a selection of excellences for packaging and product packing.

The most representative Feeder and Pick & Place of the Etipack range will be on display at CibusTec, Hall 2 booth F020. More info at

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