Fixed weight portioning machines


The PPF portioning machine has been designed and produced by Cad Project to cut into fixed or variable weight cheese of different sizes. The same machine can process hard and semi-hard cheese. Operation is very simple, and all production data settings – like fixed or variable weight cutting – are performed via operator panel. The operator places the cheese onto one of the two plates fitted onto the turntable, and by simply pressing a few buttons, the unit automatically centers and cuts the cheese according to the settings. While one cheese is cut, the operator places another cheese onto the second plate, and while one cheese is being cut, he removes the portions from the other plate. Production reaches 50 pieces per minute, according to the number of portions, ranging from 2 to 32). The technical data of the portioning unit are: construction in stainless steel Aisi 304/316; electric supply 400 V-3PH-T 50 Hz; pneumatic supply 6 bar; overall machine dimension: 800x1700x1800mm; installed power 5.5 kW.