FFS for aseptic filling



High productivity, automation, and a guaranteed aseptic filling process: Sacmi form-fill-seal technology conquers another segment of the strategic beverage market. Aseptic FFS technology has been chosen by an industry giant (the result of a joint venture between a major American bottler and an international vending machine provider) to produce, fill and package beverages. Miniasepack with 30 cavities is the supplied version, for an output rate ranging up to 50,400 pph based on 15 to 50 ml containers, in PS-EVOH-PE and thickness between 0.8 and 1.2 mm, protected with ALU-PET film. The machine carries out thermoforming of the pod, aseptic filling and packing/sealing in just one process. The production process stands out on account of automation, very high speeds and absolutely guaranteed product integrity (in this case, UHT-sterilized beverage concentrates). This solution offers a number of plusses, such as the special sterilization system which acts at various levels of the manufacturing cycle by way of hydrogen peroxide misting; the entire pack forming, filling and sealing process that takes place in a sterile environment, the only residue being water vapour after heating. By coupling the machine with a purified natural water distributor, consumers can obtain a broad variety of hot, cold and CSD beverages (up to 24 different flavours).

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