ERP for the dairy industry


With the “gradual introduction” or “growing implementation” of the modular ERP, CSB-System offers dairy companies ne opportunities to reduce costs, accelerate and automate production processes, and open new digital sales channels.

By integrating not only production, but also other business areas, it generates production plans that combine data from the process control systems, sales, purchase, production, quality management, and plant maintenance. The information collected from mobile devices, scales, weight labellers, and industrial PCs such as CSB Rack, can be added as well.

This multi-directional flow of information fuels accurate and rapid assessments that help create the transparency needed for good business management. The ERP allows data to be recorded and processed throughout the supply chain, from the collection of the milk in the farm to the delivery to the customer.

Taking production as an example: With user-friendly touch screens, it simplifies not only data entry for departmental operators, but also the entire production flow, including component management, thus ensuring product traceability and product costing in a simple way.

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