Enrobing unit for tempering machines


ICBelt Top is an enrobing unit for stand-alone tempering machines proposed by ICB Tecnologie suitable for coating pastries and pralines, requiring minimum space and investments. The strong points of this unit are its compact design and the implemented technology that equals that of larger units.

It features three sections: The first is the loading area, where products to be coated can be easily deposited thanks to a special device that prevents their rotation. The second section consists in the coating area, where products are coated with chocolate arriving from the tempering unit and then dried by means of a vibrating system.

This area is equipped with an air blower, adjustable in both height and flow, for the removal of excess chocolate. At the end, a finishing system removes any chocolate burrs from the bottom of the enrobed product.

In the final section, products are unloaded onto a removable tray covered with a sheet of paper, ready for transfer to the refrigerator. Two useful accessories are available: Partial coater and coater of the bottom side of the product.