Ecol Studio: First step to Europe!


Ecol Studio is pleased to announce the opening of a new facility in Sweden – the first step towards a growth process in Europe.

Ecol Studio, an Italian company specialised in laboratory tests, consulting and training that has been successfully involved in the fields of product quality, the environment and occupational safety for over 36 years, is opening a company in Sweden. Ecol Studio Consulting AB inaugurated its office in Lund, in southern Sweden, just a short distance from Malmö and easily reachable also from Copenhagen. The company will focus on the development of the paper industry value chain in European countries.

Ecol Studio Consulting AB will interface with the market through the traditional consultancy approach that characterises the Italian company, consistently able to leave tangible signs of its way of working in customers. Ecol Studio as a partner capable of aiding companies to attain important results in terms of sustainability and to turn these policies into a true
competitive advantage for companies who strongly believe in these values.

Consuelo Giordani

The company is headed by Consuelo Giordani who, following several decades of experience as consultant, Area Manager, and after covering the role of Managing Director of Ecol Studio S.p.A., will follow international customers in collaboration with the lab and the team FCMs/Paper of Lucca.

“The numerous companies located in Scandinavia and throughout Europe can today count on a unique interlocutor, and design with Ecol Studio a customized assistance service based on the demands of the different sites and individual countries”, explains Claudio Fornari, CEO of Ecol Studio S.p.A. “Ecol Studio has always distinguished itself for its availability toward market requests and its promptness in answering to customer demands. The possibility of assisting and supporting our customers located in Europe becomes foundational to continue working efficiently and to guarantee effective, timely service.”

Claudio Fornari

For years Ecol Studio is the international reference point for paper and board materials intended to come into contact with food such as plastic, glass and other disposable matrices and objects, acknowledged for its distinctive competences and for the ability to offer innovative, customised services and precise, high value-adding solutions. Ecol Studio has always been a strategic partner for companies aiming for growth based on policies focused on sustainable development. Today the brand includes three Italian companies working in synergy from locations in the central/north of the peninsula. And this established and efficient work group is now enhanced by the addition of the first international facility, Ecol Studio Consulting AB, with the goal of strengthening business development in Europe.

“This is just the first step of an internationalization process that Ecol Studio has undertaken with the scope of confirming its position of reference company for the paper field, in Italy and in the rest of the world. Inspired by our vision – “Together with our customers for a better world” – we have always worked with this clear and ambitious goal in mind, and today we are proudly exporting this ideal abroad!” Si it is really the case to say: “First step to Europe!” #staytuned”, concludes Claudio Fornari enthusiastically.