Dry lubrication for bottling plants

Dry lubrication in milk bottling plant

AEB’s Dry-System allows a volume saving of 70-80%, thus saving up to 50%

The evolution of the dry lubrication in the bottling industry was launched by AEB at the end of 2007 when presented Sintodry and has been optimized during the following years by the creation of an automatic system of distribution.

This kind of distribution device is a real innovation that has revolutionized what existed on the market. Dry lubrication is based on formulations that are ready to use, that is with no dilution in water, and supplied automatically on the belts, by specific equipment and suitable spraying stations, for short time – from 5” to 15” with a time interval that may reach 4-5 hours between one delivery and the other.

This system, called Dry-System, enables a product saving in volume of about 70-80% and this means a saving of more than 50% from the economic point of view. Sintodry is a liquid lubricant for conveyor belts for the transport of plastic (pet) and poly-coupled carton (Tetra type) containers for liquid products, glass and cans, to be exclusively used for plastic conveyor belts in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector.

The usage concentration as it is. It is clear that the only lubrication aspect, in terms of effectiveness and performance, represents for a bottling plant an element not to be set aside from other factors such as the line structure, their arrangement inside the production area and the effectiveness of the equipment.

AEB Lubimatic Control Dry equipment, used to distribute Sintodry lubricant

Lubricant compatibility. The lubricant compatibility with composition materials (conveyor belts and containers) represents of course the first argument to face. It is useless to choose a formulation if it does not grant that it does not attack surfaces, independently from all other factors that may be considered afterwards. In order to value the “compatibility” between lubricant and container, trials are carried out on the different materials (glass, pet, pvc, paper/poly-coupled, tinned plate) and also on the impact towards serigraphy, inks, etc.

Other evaluations are made when the lubricant is optimized, with the survey of the different friction values, suitably measured. The friction survey is carried out in the different parts of the conveyor belts, empty or full containers – accumulation areas – production stop with belts moving – areas with a particular friction – belts utilized for packaging in different sizes. All the gathered information will contribute to define the supply or non-supply times, the number of spraying station and the kind of supply heads. AEB Technical Service can also react to any kind of variation in production (e.g. soaring of number of bottles filled/hour, change of volume of filled containers, etc.) providing in short time new parameters that enhance productivity in the new conditions.

A dry lubrication station that uses Sintodry

Professional equipment anti-drop. Lubimatic Control Dry is the dry lubrication professional equipment. It consists of a centralized device for the automatic supply of dry lubricants, with a on/off programmable timing system. In this system the dry lubricant is conveyed to the line by means of a membrane pneumatic pump with a pressure of 2,5-3 bar. The system is suitable for one or more lines with the application of “satellites” and is able to supply up to 80-90 spraying stations.

The spraying stations utilized with Lubimatic Control Dry are dry-system and anti-drop and are able to grant a particular homogeneous nebulization of the product on the entire surface of conveyors. Lubimatic Control Dry can be used only with AEB dry lubricant Sintodry. All AEB formulations comply with EC regulations about the utilization of chemical products in companies packaging, storing and transporting foodstuff and in particular with EC regulation 852/2004 and those regulating the application of the Haccp self-control system.

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