Drinktec 2017, packaging with stretch film


At the German exhibition, Robopac will launch the new model of its automatic wrapping machine with rotating ring

Robopac, belonging to the Aetna Group, anticipates the future, and in September at Drinktec will present Genesis Thunder, the new automatic wrapper with rotating ring for high production speeds. As part of the renewal and optimization process of its machine range, the Italian company, run by the Aureli family, will launch a best-performing generation of wrappers and machines to stabilise palletised loads with stretch film. The machine features Cube Technology, a technology available across all the company’s range. Along the path of evolution, the company’s central goal is to anticipate customers’ needs in order to offer improved performance, reliability and safety, and, as a result, a stable palletised load, meeting the needs of industrial production and tomorrow’s logistics.Cube Technology allows to unwind the necessary amount of film while ensuring the most effective position and retention force for the product to be wrapped. A combination that enables to reduce the costs of consumption materials, with less impact on the environment, while improving wrapping performances and reducing damages to the palletized load during transport. In fact, load stabilisation allows to considerably reduce the number of damaged products during handling and transport, which usually involves high economic costs and significant ecological damages.

Safety and low maintenance. Genesis Thunder is the new version of Robopac’s previous stretch wrapping machines with rotating ring, and it maintains some of their peculiarities. It operates without sliding electrical contacts, and is suitable for any industrial environments, even those under extremely dusty environmental conditions. Since the mid-1990s Robopac patented this technology, installed it worldwide and kept it updated. As the motor-driven pre-stretch groups that initially worked according to the same principle as a dynamo, and then adopted the patented external motorization of the pre-stretch carriages with super-condensers based on the Kers used on F1 racing cars. It is a super-accumulator that recovers energy while it is operating, and reuses it, making it completely autonomous. While braking or in passive phase, in fact, the drive charges the accumulator with the energy required for the active phase. Next to controlling packaging material consumptions, Genesis Thunder contributes to cut the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), especially thanks to quality low-wear components. More efficient engines and the use of toothed belts instead of chains, for instance, ensure long working life without maintenance. The working life increases, and parts replacement can be scheduled. Easy maintenance is the result of improved access to the machine. The machine ergonomic arrangement is an additional benefit. Parts requiring maintenance are at hand, and the operator has access to them without using platforms or lifting equipment. Total ergonomic arrangement means that – potentially dangerous – working at height can be avoided, in line with the “Safety First philosophy” of Robopac, based on maximum safety.

Hygienic low-wear design. The rotary ring is supported by four legs, and is centered with reference to the lifting axis, so that Genesis Thunder can avail itself of a simple and balanced power distribution system, whose structure is exposed to less solicitations and wear. With the same rotation speed per minute, the balanced structure and the materials used for the construction of this machine, contribute to improve the cycle time and, as a result, the production output as well. The machine hygienic design contributes to reduce deposits of dust or dirt, unavoidable presence in industrial environments. This is an important advantage for the companies of the food and pharmaceutical industry, much valued by modern companies. Following the previous Helix EVO models, the TMP system (Total Productive Maintenance) can be implemented even on Genesis Thunder, widespread in any industrial environment and focusing on keeping all equipment in top working condition with the lowest number of operators. The machine is fitted also with many other systems, as: Automatic ARC reel change, a patented motorized unit that automatically changes the reel without operator assistance, expelling the empty cardboard reel core and replacing it with a full reel; Roping Device, a system that reduces the film strip into a “rope” to ensure a more effective stabilization of the load; Nip&Tuck tail system, a patented film insertion device that provides final finish of the wrapping without using the sealer by inserting the last film end of the wrapping inside the wrapping itself, characterized by low maintenance and zero emissions.