Doypacks for sweets and confectionery products

Next to the sophisticated DoyPack bags, Tecno Pack FV210 can pack block bottomed pillow packs, with four side seals and double block bottom
Next to the sophisticated DoyPack bags, Tecno Pack FV210 can pack block bottomed pillow packs, with four side seals and double block bottom

The beautiful and good of sweets, with the electronic vertical flow pack machines that Tecno Pack combines with automatic systems for  
secondary grouping.

Tecno Pack continues with the development and implementation of its range of  machines and automations for all flow-pack packaging sectors, including pillow-pack, cartoning and end-of-line packaging.  After 30 years of continuous development, the company is now an important player at worldwide level, specialising in the design, construction and installation of complete packaging lines for any kind of product, particularly for the bakery industry. Recently, the company designed a new line for a US customer. Entirely made in stainless steel, with IP 65 wash down electrical system, this line will be devoted to the packaging of precooked confectionery products of various shapes, subsequently automatically placed inside the boxes by means of robots and then automatically packed in flow packs.  A second automatic flow-pack packaging line for bakery products will be combined with the automatic secondary grouping system.

Packs of all types
The new FV210 is a vertical electronic multiaxial cantilevered packaging machine, served by a 14-headed radial balance. Thanks to the total control of format changeover, this unit allows to pack a wide range of products, as block bottomed pillow packs, with four side seals and double block bottom, up to the sophisticated DoyPack bags obtained through the rotation of the cut&sew unit. This Italian company faces issues like high speed, controlled atmosphere, full automation of the primary packaging cycle and of the end-of-line, by applying the highest peak of the state of the art presently available – be it electronic or mechanical; this even for this new development. The user who decides to entrust its own product to a Tecno Pack system will not  only find a machine, but also a competent partner, whose flexibility allows to solve even the most peculiar needs.  The new system is reliable and powerful also through five brushless motors: two 400W motors for film pulling; one 1kW motor for cross sealing; one 1.5kW motor for reel unwinding, and one 400W motor for the longitudinal sealing.

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Characterized by the cantilevered structure, the vertical packaging machine FV210 by Tecno Pack makes extensive use of Aisi 304 stainless steel for all contact parts with the product

Hygienic design
The sturdy cantilevered structure and the use of stainless steel provide easy cleaning and maintenance, and prevent the collection of product residues, as well as the development of moulds and micro-organisms. The design is aimed to full sanitation, and the machine is coated with rust preventive RAL epoxy powders. All functional elements are installed on the vertical anodized aluminium panel. Whereas doors, covers and protections feature safety micro-switches in compliance with EC standards. The machine integrates two major groups: individual cantilevered reel holder with film unwinding rollers; film loading rack; longitudinal sealing unit with film towing performed via belts on the forming tube, operated by two brushless motors. The opening of the belts pair is pneumatic. The reel holding unit includes following devices: pneumatic expanding wedges for quick locking; end-of-reel sensor (width 520 mm) with machine stop; manual film junction with suction plates; motor-driven reel unwinding with control dancer; film tensioning and brushless motor control via right-angle gearhead and automatic adjustment for different reel diameter. The sealing bar (420 mm long) features resistances with automatic adjustment according to different forming tube diameters. The possibility of opening  the unit by 90° provides for easier changeover of the forming tube.  The control panel with 5.7″ colour touch screen enables a variety of functions: database with all product parameters; immediate product changeover for 40 references; temperature settings; diagnostic utility for troubleshooting. Protection levels are ensured by a password laid down by the user which restricts access to machine settings.

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