Dosing or saturation by CO2 injection of beers


Cider and Beers are ancient products but always modern and popular. They are natural products, obtained by rediscovering recipes and traditions sometimes forgotten. Recent years have seen the birth of new production companies, which aim at high quality and a strong identity of the products offered, to an increasingly vast, informed and demanding clientele.

Matrix offers Procar for dosing or saturation by CO2 injection of this products. Designed to meet all the needs of companies, starting from the parameters set by the regulations for Industry 4.0. There is a continuous control of production parameters, such as the flow and temperature of the product and CO2. By setting the production parameters, the CO2 content to be injected into the product can vary.

The mixing of fluids takes place under pressure, after the injection phase, the static mixer is installed, which guarantees the homogeneity of the final product. This is a modular machine, and can be built in a wide range of models, for productivity from 2,000 up to 20,000 liters per hour.

Can be completed with numerous accessories such as: heat exchanger, to be able to control the temperature of the product to be processed; CO2 dosage analyzer group; micro filtration unit of the product; mix proof valves; parts in contact with the product made of Aisi 316 stainless steel; flow exchange panel with micro control switch; exhaust manifold.

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