Detection of ferrous metals and foreign objects


Packital distributes the X-ray inspection systems Mekitec, which allow detecting foreign objects such as metal, stones, glass, bones, rubber and high-density plastic, and is official dealer of Fortress metal detectors for ferrous and non ferrous metals.

The metal detectors use Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology that provides high sensitivity levels to ensure the detection of even the smallest ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants. Thanks to the built-in data collection software Contact Reporter Lite, the unit is an effective critical control point complying with HACCP regulations.

The Phantom metal detector is available in aluminium or stainless steel with a wide variety of aperture sizes. Designed to withstand the harshest applications, even with wet products, it features an IP69K certified extra rugged casing and an epoxy chute that provides a complete waterproof seal. Many accessories are available, such as: UltraSense that maintains high sensitivity levels to detect the smallest metal contaminants; AutoTest, ensuring consistent performance and saving costs; AutoCal, automatic calibration at the touch of a button; Intuitive User Interface, providing dedicated shortcut keys; Flash RAM, preventing information loss.