Data logger for monitoring temperature and humidity


When dealing with fresh and easily perishable foodstuffs, it is essential to guarantee them optimal and constant climatic conditions. Testo Saveris 2 WiFi data loggers provide the assurance that the temperature corresponds exactly to the expected values at all the main cold measuring points.

This instrument is ideal for all operators involved in food production, processing and distribution. The data acquisition system with WiFi data logger is flexible. It can be configured according to requirements, and easily integrated into the customer’s existing network. Depending on the product to be measured, it is possible to choose from an extensive catalogue of data loggers and probes.

All instruments transmit the measured values to Testo Cloud, where they are automatically stored and analysed. Thanks to the access to the Testo Cloud, it is possible to access all measuring values and analysis functions anywhere and at any time with an internet-capable smartphone, tablet or PC; the alarm function allows to receive immediate warnings in case of violation of limit values.

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