Control of pathogens in milk


The control of pathogenic microorganisms in milk is vital to ensure quality for consumers. Pasteurization ensures the elimination of most possible contaminants, but the risk of possible infections is resisted under conditions of poor hygiene in the subsequent processing stages or in raw milk.

Among bacterial species of most interest for controls are salmonella and listeria. The first is the most commonly isolated agent in food-borne infections and raw milk, the derivatives of which are considered to be food-risk.

Similar argument applies to listeria monocytogenes, which – although occurring more rarely  – can cause a severe clinical picture, with a high mortality rate (ISS data). Eurofins Technologies offers two Elisa kits for the detection of salmonella and listeria in raw milk.

Both kits are certified by the AOAC and AFNOR and have obtained the validation according to ISO standards. The Elisa test is designed for a sensitive, faster and more convenient detection than conventional methods. Furthermore, it allows automation thanks to the validation of both methods on the The Bolt processor.

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