Cylindrically shaped


WAMWAM Group has developed a highly efficient cylindrically shaped Dust Collector which ensures reliability in operation and a clean and safe plant. The new FLO Food FN200 is designed to minimise dead spaces in compliance with regulations for production of equipment for dry powder processing in the food industry. As a decentralised dust recovery system helps recycle dust within the production process where it occurs, thus preventing product contamination deriving from other process phases. With four different diameters, from 400 to 1,000mm and filtering surface from 1 to 21 m² the range is suitable for both positive pressure (tested up to 750 mm H2O) and negative pressure applications (tested up to -6,000 mm H2O/-0.6 bar). Thanks to patented Easy-Fit-System filter elements, ensures quick access to the dirty or clean dust collector side making all maintenance activities easy and comfortable. As far as the cleaning system is concerned a programmable compressed air system synchronized with MDPE is available in the standard version.

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