Corrosion-preventive components


Elesa proposes components designed and manufactured in a Super-Technopolymer: A glass-fibre reinforced polyamide-based material, offering higher mechanical and thermal properties than common technopolymers, with the advantages of plastic materials and metals. These components offer high corrosion resistance, a light in weight with a low coefficient of friction that also contributes to reduce maintenance interventions; and colour can be directly added into the moulded material. Components like plugs, breather caps and level indicators, can be used even in extreme environmental conditions, as for instance high temperatures and corrosive environment due to the presence of chemical substances. The range includes also component with special properties, suitable for use in explosive atmospheres (Atex), as the column level indicators HCX-PT and HCV-E. Both are made in transparent polyamide based technopolymer, and are highly resistant to shocks, solvents, and oils with additives. The first is characterised by special openings in the protection frame that provide maximum level visibility even from side positions. The second provides visual control of the level, and generates an electric signal when the oil level drops to a minimum. Ultrasound welding guarantees a perfect seal in both cases.

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