Control of alcoholic fermentation


MASELLIIF01 analysis system from Maselli Misure makes control of alcoholic fermentation in the production of sparkling wines fully automatic. The precision digital refractometer is at the heart of the instrument. The measured values are then processed by software which calculates the concentration of sugars, alcohol and the value of the extracts. Monitoring system makes it possible to detect any fermentation anomalies, such as the slowing down, stopping and end of fermentation. The instrument offers the option to monitor one or more batteries of fermenters. The systems combine simplicity of use with customization options to meet all the different needs encountered in wine making facilities. Analysis is carried out in real time. Maselli has developed Polaris, a web-based app which connects all the technical assistance centres in the world with the parent company in a widespread and dynamic manner. This makes it possible for our assistance centres to have updated technical information, geolocalized instrumentation and an on-line database for instrument troubleshooting operations.

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