Automated warehouse


LYTOSBorn in the far 1947 in the Langhe, Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi represent one of those Italian reality, which tough in the territory of birth, has been able to grow up and develops as one of the key brands in the world, with regard to quality Italian wine. Now almost 85% of its production is for export, with forecast for the coming years to further increase of the volume. Logically with these figures, logistic is fundamental, and this is the Company’s ability to exploit for their own scopes, technologies available in the sector. Result, the decision to invest in the realization of an automated warehouse, able to manage the flow of material gradually increasing. Hence the need to rely on Lyto’s, industry leader, for realization of rack and warehouse structure for the new automated warehouse. Result has been the construction of an automatic warehouse characterized by a structural solution capable of storing simultaneously pallet with dimensions of 800×1200 mm in triple deep or 1000×1200 mm in double deep.

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