Fast 3 series

Continuous production


Tecno 3 designed and developed the new Fast 3 series, a compact and complete range for the production of chocolate, which combines systems of ingredient dosing, mixing, refining and conching. Thanks to its particular design, the plant has several advantages compared to the traditional methods, and implements continuous production of liquid chocolate. There are six models, with production capacity from 100 to 1000 kg/h. The MDC mixer doses and prepares the mixture of ingredients, the P10S group refines it to obtain the desired particle size and the quick CV basin processes it until the finished chocolate is obtained. Automation which does not require continuous operator presence, compact design and energy saving resulting from the process technology guarantee the quality of the finished product as for fineness and taste. The recipe parameters, related to the system management and to individual plants, can be set from the touch-screen control panel and controlled accurately by the PLC. The sanitary conditions are ensured by the fact that products do not enter into contact with the environment.

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