Wa-fa Sfere

Cohesive mixtures


With the series Wa-fa Sfere patented by Mazzetti, it is possible to create mixtures of powder and grease (sugar, cocoa, cocoa butter) for the production of chocolate and cream, characterized by the cohesion between heterogeneous elements and grain sizes, no longer noticeable to taste. The machines stand out for modularity and lack of contacts between the already refined product and the one to be refined. But the true novelty is the grouping of the three main production stages: mixing, refining, and conching. These systems are also suitable to mass refining for cocoa, substitutes and preparations for ice cream. The production cycle, starting with granulated sugar, cocoa powder and fat in liquid state, is accomplished in about two hours and a half, and produces chocolate with a fineness of 20 microns. The ingredients can be loaded directly from the top of the machine, or kneaded in a mixer and then transferred to the machine by means of a pump. One mixer serves up to three machines, with a capacity of 600 kg/h.

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