Container for fruit juice


DEMOFor the launch of new products aimed at the junior market, Demo Design and Moulds was appointed to develop the new Yippy container for the Serbian market. The client was looking to develop a container based on their marketing departments idea. Beginning with this concept, developed the best solution from a technical and aesthetic point of view. Demo and Rauch worked closely together during the development stages, in order to achieve a new container with an original shape. The aim of the project was to introduce a new container with a strong appeal for the consumer, targeted at a new market sector. Thanks to vast range of colours in which the container is produced, the new packaging received recognition from consumers right from the start in terms of sales volume and appreciation. Various inspections were made at the clients plant in order to evaluate with technicians the best solution for the container production. Particular attention was paid to the selection of the best perform for the new bottle. Subsequently, and once all of the technical-mechanical parameters of the moulds had been defined, technical department dealt with the design, manufacture and supply of the entire range of blow moulds for the Sidel machines and mechanical parts for the industrial production of the new container.

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