Complete lines for ricotta production


Ricotta is obtained from whey by precipitation of proteins through thermo acid coagulation. Has a special biological value, because the very whey proteins increase immune system. Ricotta has a very delicate creamy taste and a pleasant texture.

Can be consumed both in pure form and used for the production of various desserts, for example, with chocolate or fruit filling. Is an excellent base for cheesecakes, therefore it is widely used in the restaurant business.

Also, on the basis of Ricotta can produce salty pastes with spices and herbs to be spread on bread. Frau Group offer complete lines for ricotta production with loading capacity of 3000, 6000, 9000 litres or more. Ricotta is packed in plastic buckets for pastry shops and as a family format or offered to the Consumers in single-portion cups.

The equipment includes not only services for commissioning but also full technological support: preliminary consultation with technologists and their presence onsite for launching the products with Italian ingredients (enzymes, coagulants).

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