Combined machines for fresh pasta


Pastation is a patented combined machine for the production of fresh pasta developed by Pama Parsi Macchine for pasta factories, restaurants and delicatessen. This workstation takes only 150 cm, and its technical features are: weight 340 kg; size 1500x800x1500 mm; mixer capacity 8 kg (flour and liquids); die diameter 89 mm; output 12/20 kg/h; sheet length for cutter machine 200 mm; sheet width for ravioli machine 80 mm; power supply 230/400V three phase 50/60 Hz; power consumption 1.7 kW.

Easily transportable on wheels, the workstation is complete of: kneading machine (extruder with water cooling system on the extruder head and removable mixing shaft), cutting unit for different types of pasta (spaghetti, fusilli, maccheroni, conchiglioni, casarecce, whereby other types of pasta can be produced by simply changing the dies); ravioli machine; sheeter (to laminate pasta for 200 mm wide lasagna sheets, with rough rollers in stainless  steel and adjustable thickness); pre-drier (7 plastic frames 60×40 cm); stainless steel container for flour/bran with hinged opening (capacity 50 kg); stainless steel work table.