Coding primary/secondary packaging


The Linx 8900 CIJ printer makes operation, reliability and efficiency easier than ever, can spend more time coding, and increasing output from production line. With 3 lines of text, barcodes, symbols and numbers from 1.8 mm and up to 20 mm high, the machine is a flexible coding option for both primary and secondary packaging. The large, colour touch-screen with drag-and-drop field positioning, and simple icons, makes code creation intuitive. The icons can be customised on the top screen so the most frequently used features are just one touch away. Fluid refills are quick and clean, with a door which opens at a touch, and cartridges which simply click into place; automatic fluid-checking also ensures that the correct fluid is used. The industry-leading Linx printhead is a robust, sealed design made from stainless steel so all the essential components are protected at all times. Printhead cleaning is only required every 3 months – less downtime, less solvent waste. Autoflush feature ensures the printhead is cleaned thoroughly at every shutdown, ensuring reliable operation and first time startup, even after extended shutdowns. Printing capability are: data Matrix and QR codes; maximum print speed 3.65 m/s (single line of code).

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