Clipping machines for bakery products


COMIPAKA408/A480CS machines are designed to seal preformed bags on top and apply a plastic or aluminium “clipband” or “twistband” as fresh-saver to already filled food bags. Produced by Comipak with a procedure that vouches for product integrity from production to the point of sale, these machines allow easy bag opening and closing to be repeated at will. The clipping machine can: seal only, clip only, or both seal and clip. Three different possibilities on one machine. Expiry date or additional data as production info, batch number or images, can be printed on the clipband using different technologies. The sealed and clipped bag conveys the feeling of a hand-made product, packaged by hand with great care. This model is ideal for craft laboratories with a high daily output. The bag rests on the conveyor belt of the machine. The table is adjustable in height and suitable for different formats. The circuit card installed allows bags counting. Operation is electro-pneumatically controlled with photo-cell for cycle start.

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