Chocolate processing machines and complete lines


Packint Chocolate machines offers machines for the production of chocolate from cocoa beans or cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, dried milk and sugar, with a productivity from 10 to 1200 kg/h.

Depending on the needs, it provides machines or completeĀ  lines with the possibility of implementing the classic refining and conching process with other devices for preparing and loading ingredients and storing the finished product.

With the machines in the catalogue it is possible to produce a wide range of products: bars, chocolates, spreads, coatings. Bean to Bar lines handling from 5 to 150 kg/h are also available for the production of high quality artisan chocolate starting directly from cocoa beans.

For refining, the company uses low-speed technology, the best for small productions (lines from 10 to 1200 kg/h), which allows to obtain many advantages: smooth and tasty products (final fineness under 18-20 micron);Ā  adequate chocolate flow properties; temperature control; minimum machine wear; no iron contamination in chocolate.Ā Vertical conches are available for the conching, with different levels of intensity depending on the product.

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