Chocolate moulding


Since 2005, PMchocolate is active on the Italian market of chocolate. The Italian company builds chocolate moulding machines with simple and intuitive man-machine interface.

In addition to standard models, PMchocolate designs tailored machines equipped with parametric units that can be adapted to production requirements by making simple modifications. All of the mould conveyor frames and the base structure are in stainless steel.

The moulds are conveyed by means of belts or chain with stainless steel pushers. The design of the conveying section makes all cleaning of the guides easy. The main movements are controlled via PLC and servomotor with absolute encoder.

The main units and groups that make up the moulding line are: heating group, UPD series depositor, vibration table (vertical and horizontal), demoulding unit. Mould heating is available in two versions, according to the type of production.

The first uses as a source of heat the infrared rays, the second a hot-air forced-ventilation tunnel. These depositors are suitable for standard chocolate moulds as well as for special rigid/flexible polycarbonate moulds.

The vibrating unit uniformly distributes the chocolate inside the cavities. The automatic demoulding machine can be equipped with a rotary plate and hammers or vacuum suction cups.

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