Capsuling monobloc


At GH Mumm, famous champagne producer (Pernod Ricard) in Reims, the automatic capsuling monobloc Zenith Z 3/48 Ottico from Robino & Galandrino is running, suitable for aligning the bottle with the trade-mark emblasoned on the capsule. The monobloc achieves a real output of 12,000 b.p.h. and consists of four main units. The first is the automatic capsule distributor with multiple bell with an elliptical oscillating movement that picks the capsule from the magazine and transfers it to the bottle, ensuring precise and reliable positioning. The second unit is a rotary carousel with sixteen heads for centering both, bottle and capsule. Each station is equipped with an electronic system for the detection of the UV spot on the capsule, located in the upper part, whereas in the lower part there is a second electronic system for bottle orientation. The third unit is a rotary carousel with sixteen pneumatic heads for folding the capsules and forming the four pleats. A transfer starwheel between the third and fourth unit, complete with locking grippers, stabilizes the bottles and ensures perfect crimping of the capsules in the last rotary carrousel with 16 pneumatic heads.

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