Extrusion technology

Breakfast cereals extruders


Bühler’s extrusion technology is a possible way of further processing flour and the byproducts obtained in the process. Extruders are used in a wide variety of flour processing applications. The most important resulting products are breakfast cereals, baby food, breadcrumbs, croutons, etc. The extrusion process is particularly suited to the modification of flours because it does not require the use of any chemicals whatever. These flours are therefore suitable also as ingredients in products subject to a “clean label policy.” When using extruded swelling flours, it is enough to declare wheat flour on the ingredient list. Bran flakes are highly popular today. Extruded wheat bran can fetch double the price of wheat bran in its native form. The opportunities that wheat bran presents as a high-grade food are significant. The basis for making all the products mentioned above is grain flour. This is what the extrusion process has in common with conventional bakery processes. The difference however lies in the dough texture. The dough framework of conventional bakery goods is based on proteins such as gluten and pentosans.

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