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Automatic bottle washer Hydra. The double label-removal station and the rotating filter ensure the complete loosening and evacuation of the labels

Akomag, a flexible and dynamic firm, founds its policy on customer satisfaction, quality, advanced technology, and reliable technical support service.

Akomag has been working for several years in the bottling sector; the firm is committed to guarantee maximum yield for its customer, next to low operational costs and long working life. Next to its long experience, the Company’s success comes from the machines, which are made of top quality certified materials. Thanks to its simple modular production range, this Italian firm has progressively expanded the machine functions and its technological sophistication. Over the years, in fact, the systems have been integrated with special washing and sanitation stations, automatic control of process parameters, safety systems, energy recovery, reduction of discharges, automatic sanitation of the most important parts. While designing the machines, Akomag engineers did not underestimate the need to fit the machines with all safeties required for health and safety protection of the staff, and for the safeguard of working conditions, even in terms of noise reduction. “Reduction” that involved also the machine size – traditionally quite large and cumbersome – making them compact and suitable to meet any space optimization request of the beverage sector.

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Manual bottle washer Combi, practically “maintenance-free”, to remove labels and rinse bottles that once were “one-way” bottles

Production divided into four parts
Akomag divides its production range into manual, semi-automatic, automatic bottle washers and relevant equipment. Manual models are designed for small users with low production yields requiring good quality levels. Very versatile to meet different needs, these machines feature a compact design and environmental-friendly technological solutions; they contribute to reduce production costs and ensure easy bottle recycling. The absence of mechanical parts contributes to reduce consumptions, and zeroes maintenance without affecting washing quality, the removal of labels and the rinsing process.Semi-automatic bottle washers are ideal for cellars with medium-low production rates. They are the first step towards process automation, and ensure a simple and functional washing cycle, with reduced running costs (water, electricity, detergents). Thanks to their modular design, customers can “set up” their own machine, adapting it to new processing needs. Automatic bottle washers are designed and built for medium-high production rates. Developed to meet the needs of more demanding customers, very attentive to washing quality and technological innovation, they are the new generation of Akomag machines. The automatic models, featuring a compact design, ensure top reliability and functionality with reduced maintenance. An innovative washing cycle makes it possible to minimize consumptions, offering customers the possibility of achieving considerable energy savings. Thanks to sophisticated and reliable control systems, a single user can remotely control the whole washing cycle, and monitor operation, speed and consumption.

Bottles recovery and rinsing helps to cut costs and respect the environment

Monobloc washer for gallon bottles

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    1. a complete line is needed in Saudi Arabia

      We are a company owning factories in Saudi Arabia.
      We built a water filling factory near Riyadh (building only ).
      We need your support in project planning, manufacturing, installation, start up and commissioning.
      Please find attached the building we constructed for this project.

      This email is to start the communication channels between us.
      Looking forward to your reply.
      Feel free to call me 5 am to 9 pm GMT for any details.

    2. Hi i am planning to establish a botteled water plant however i don’t have the exact price . Can you please tell me , a complete machinery with the capacity of 4000bph in 500ml and 1000ml size how much it costs

    3. we are willing to buy a botteling and filling machine to fill wisky ,and other alcoholic spitits.
      Please advice us

    4. Good day! I need some information about your product . My factory needs machine for bottling water. Machine should fill 0.5L 1.0L 1.5L 2.0L 5.0 L 20 L PET bottles. Also this machine must inflate PET capsules, also should have carbonate intake, label sticking , packing machine and should process 2000-2500 bottles per hour. It should We need to fill with pure water and also lemonade . I need to know machine price , installation and guarantee information . I will wait for your response . Contact with me on my privet email
      Yours sincerely Sophio.

    5. we have approx 750000 litres of the finest spring water per day we wish to bottle in 500ml 1 litre and 5 litre sizes we need a plant that can do this can you quote including production costs

    6. We are interest to have one bottling machine produce 750m 1L
      about 1000 bottle per hour .with labling and packing machine

    7. Hi. We are going to buy water filling machines which can fill 5000 decalitres per hour. And we need price and transport conditions


    8. Hello dear

      We are / Al Wazzan Trading Company / from Kuwait

      – We have a project for the purification, filtration and bottling of drinking water
      – We need offer prices for
      – (automatic line for the production of purification, filtration and bottling of drinking water)
      – Production capacity of the line will be (4000 liters / hour)
      Package size (330 ml – 600 ml – 1.5 liter & 19 liter large bottles)
      the production capacity is distributed as follows: 75% of the total production capacity of the factory to the containers of sizes
      (330 ml – 600 ml – 1.5 liters)
      And 25% of the total capacity of the factory for bulk (19 liters)
      Is it possible to send us offer prices for the production line& equipment catalogs

      Waiting for your reply
      and thank you

      mohammad maqableh : e.mail
      numb / 0096594451430 mob

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