Beverage Preparation Equipment


Since 1967, A DUE has specialized in the design, construction and installation of complete beverage preparation equipment and water treatment plants. Among the Company’s latest technological innovations stand out tailor-made solutions focusing on safety, quality and product traceability.

A DUE developed the new EASY.AirBox system for purifying the air in contact with “sensitive” processes or food. Or Easy.RM, a system for in-line micro dosage of salts and aromas for the preparation of mineral, flavoured, functional and alkaline water. EASY.Room syrup rooms are suitable for preparing juices and non-carbonated drinks, carbonated drinks and hard seltzers, milk or plant-based drinks, fantasy drinks, non-alcoholic beer and flavoured water.

All systems are flexible and modular for a future increase in production capacity, for all types of packaging (glass, can, PET, cardboard) and any filling technology (cold, hot or aseptic). Maximum attention is also paid to sustainability: thanks to continuous investment in R&D resulting in substantial savings in energy, water, raw materials and chemicals. EASY.Room syrup rooms can be complemented with EASY.Water water treatment systems and with the EASY.Clean CIP unit.

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