Batch freezers for ice cream and fruit or coffee Granita 


Ecogel T batch freezers manufactured by Telme are complete with resistive 5” colour touch-screen, intuitive easy to use interface, and inverter for varying the speed of the beater motor.

They have programs for a variety of needs: 15 temperature programs for traditional ice-cream; 3 High-Overrun programs; 3 Low Overrun programs; 3 time programs; 1 fruit or mint Granita program; 1 coffee Granita program; and free programs to be set.

All models feature the patented “DSRS” (Dual Stage Refrigeration System) that reduces the nominal power used by 20%, hence energy and water consumption. Therefore, it is possible to freeze and produce really fast or to get more than 40% energy saving. The vertical cylinder brings significant advantages: easy filling (particularly useful for gelato preparation), constant product visibility and possibility to add ingredients at any time.

The cylinder, once the ice cream has been emptied, can be kept cold at 0°C. The user can replace the components of normal wear in relation to the operating time, thus ensuring the longevity of ECOGEL T batch freezers.

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