Automatic tray forming


Sacmi Packaging presents a modular machine that, starting from base modules – magazine, press and corner formation unit – allows a forming machine for standard trays (TF50), along with the new TF70 forming machine for trays with corners offering the highest performance currently available on the market, to be obtained. Capable of producing up to 50 pieces per minute, thanks to a double feed chain along with other technical features, the machine completes TS 60 stacker. The latter is designed to handle in parallel two trays up to 800 mm long (max) and form stacks with no height limits. Designed stacker has been modified to meet the increased production capacity of the TF 70. In addition, it’s flexible thanks to quick and simple changeover. The new automated BF13 feeder completes the picture. This machine guarantees the tray forming machine’s magazine is autonomously fed for up to 30 minutes. A solution which thanks to automatic supply, notably reduces the tasks to be carried out by the operator, optimizing production line efficiency and performance.

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