Automatic single head aseptic filler


Navatta presents automatic single head aseptic filler AF1WB (patent RE2014A000013), low acid for spoutless web small bag-in-box 3 to 10 liters. Aseptic filler for aseptic filling of pre-sterilized bags without mouthpiece, bag sizes from 3 to 10 liters. Possibility of filling liquid-viscous-pumpable products with pieces.

Ready-to-use monoblock, reduction of packing costs by comparing bags with spout. Electronic format change acting on the lenght of the bag keeping the same wide span. Advantages’ compared to web small bags with spout are: price reduction of the bags, reduction of storage volumes for empty bags and filled bags.

In case of temporary storage of filled bags (i.e. into drums), no damages due to spout pressing against other bags. Modular and compact machine (can be shipped in a single 40-foot container) divided as follows: web bags bin introduction area with automated system for carrying out, pre-tensioning and aligning the row of bags; class 100 low-contamination zone with Hepa filters in the section involved in sterilization tunnel and sterile filling chamber; sterilization tunnel and filling chamber where environmental sterilization takes place with sterilization solution and consequently sterility maintenance with sterile forced air flush into class 10; machine utilities area (automatic preparation of sterilizing solution, steam group, nitrogen group etc.); aseptic tank; electric panel.

The potential can range from 350 to 450 bags/h depending on size of the bag and the type of product to be filled. Utilities requirements are: three-phase power without neutral, 8 kW; steam at 4/10 bar, 20 kg/h (100 kg/h during sterilization); Compressed air at 6/8 bar, 100 nm3/h; nitrogen (or air) for aseptic tank at 4/8 bar, 4 nm3/h; concentrated sterilizing solution (oxisan – oxonia) 0.5 l/h.

Automation with instrumentation in I/O link, linear motors Linmot, brushless drives and pneumatic Festo, pc ESA 15 inch touch screen inox with Win 10, Siemens 1500 series plc, Oberon touch HMI software.



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