Assured hygiene with steam technology


STI produces steam-cleaning machines divided in two separate lines: The Gaiser line with only-steam generators; and the Comby line with steam&vacuum function. The company has commissioned laboratory studies with the aim of testing the bactericide effectiveness of the machinery in the treatment of teflon and steel surfaces that come into contact with food.

Bacteriological analyses carried out before and after 5 seconds exposure to steam have demonstrated that the total bacterial load of the contaminated teflon surface was reduced from 3360 to 7. On the same surface the bacterial load of 792 was reduced to 0. Steam generators confirm themselves an essential ally to clean and sanitise any space and ensure food safety.

Among the most appreciated, there is the model Comby 3500 entirely realized in steel, complete with integrated aspirator and automatic refill boiler. In just a few seconds the steam at 180°C eliminates 99% of bacteria and the suction motor dries any surface. The cleaning function provides for thorough sanitisation.