Absorbing pads for fish


DIATECFor packaging meat and fish, Diatec provides solutions for collecting loose liquids. For the fish industry, in particular, Diatec offers machines for the production of absorbing pad suitable to absorb liquid in the packaging of fish, and maintain the freshness of the packed food and its healthy aspect, inhibiting and retarding bacteria growth. These pads provide flexible packaging and clean-in-place systems, reducing distribution costs, enhancing quality and convenience and improving hygiene. The machines guarantee flexibility thanks to a wide range of pad sizes, design, colour and absorption capacity. The machines can work with AirLaid film or with Fluff Core as absorption element, obtained from raw material or cellulose. Active substances can be used directly inside the formation chamber to improve liquid absorption, inhibit bacteria growth, and extend the shelf-life of food by changing the atmosphere surrounding the surface of food and other perishable products. The machine can handle single pads cut, stacked and packed into bags or cardboard boxes, as well as pads in rolls. Both are ready to be applied automatically or manually into the tray.

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