95 years of “Made in Italy” Technology and Quality

Company entrance.

The Parma-based company, a leader in the sector of industrial steam boilers, now in its fourth generation, looks to the future with a focus on innovation and sustainability.

 The 95th anniversary of the founding of Mingazzini is of great importance, not only as a celebration of the longevity of the company, but also as a moment of reflection on the great commitment constantly made to remain linked to the fundamental principles of its origins and which have allowed it to develop constantly over the decades.

Since 1929, when the first boilers were built, Mingazzini has adopted a cutting-edge approach, focusing on providing innovative solutions to optimize efficiency and performance, while reducing consumption and emissions. A critical element of this success is the pioneering implementation of cutting-edge technologies, with a focus on Big Data and the data-driven model. This approach has enabled Mingazzini to support companies in management decisions, demonstrating its leadership in the sector through the constant research for advanced solutions.

The anniversary is therefore not only a goal, but also a renewed impetus to continue to grow and improve, in order to always offer the best to an international clientèle that needs the maximum support, finding in Mingazzini’s almost centuries-old experience solid foundations on which to set an innovative approach, focused on the supply of high-tech solutions, identifying and solving critical issues through analysis and customized designs, with an uncommon production flexibility even in the production of special customized products.

4.0 strategy

The commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in the latest generation of applications developed by the company that has firmly embraced the 4.0 strategy. This positioning allows Mingazzini to face the future and globalization with confidence, managing processes internally to reduce consumption and minimize the environmental impact, but also to continue to preserve the concept of Made in Italy, which for Mingazzini is not limited to in-house production, but extends to constant quality controls, flexibility, custom design, and state-of-the-art solutions, evolving into the “Made in Mingazzini” fully recognizable by an international clientèle.

The company offers a complete service and support, guiding customers in choosing the most suitable product for their needs and providing technical assistance during installation and maintenance. The distinctive elements of Mingazzini emerge in various aspects, with a focus on quality, efficiency, and customization. The continuous monitoring and centralization of the plants have led to a significant reduction in waste and emissions, allowing the adjustment of the plants according to the planned workflows. The traceability of specific consumptions that supports predictive maintenance, testifies to Mingazzini’s constant commitment to innovation and operational excellence.

PB Series steam boiler, with a steam output of 30 t/h and 18 bar rated pressure.

The numerous certifications obtained over the years attest the value of “Made in Mingazzini” plants, confirming the commitment to high quality standards and compliance with the most stringent regulations. Among the solutions proposed, the PB EU series represents the latest evolution in the field of firetube steam boilers, with yields up to 99%, consolidating Mingazzini’s position as a benchmark in the sector worldwide. On this 95th anniversary, Mingazzini renews its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions, contributing to the efficiency and sustainability of its industrial customers.

Moreover, it could not be otherwise, for a company that can boast a history embracing almost a century of experience in the sector and over 10,000 boilers installed. Mingazzini stands out for efficiency, safety and customized support that place the company among the benchmarks in the global industrial world. This is also because Mingazzini is not only a manufacturer of steam boilers, but also a custodian of fundamental values such as quality, at the heart of the company philosophy, not only in terms of certifications, but also as a personal commitment to the customer.

From design to manufacturing and testing, every step is taken with the aim of ensuring maximum safety and reliability of the equipment. Mingazzini’s mission revolves around three pillars: Quality, efficiency and customization. The company manages all phases of product development internally, using the most modern technologies. The result is a true Made in Italy, with customized products to meet the specific needs of each customer. Production is concentrated exclusively on industrial boilers, in particular on medium-pressure firetube steam boilers.

Experience and innovation

The company stands out in the market with its unique energy recovery systems, positioning itself as a leader in providing reliable steam boilers that are geared toward maximum energy savings, while respecting the environment and emission regulations. In an increasingly globalized world, Mingazzini has been able to combine its long experience with innovation. Each plant is designed with care, but integrated with state-of-the-art technologies, including remote control for remote analysis and problem solving. The certifications, maintained and renewed regularly, testify to Mingazzini’s constant commitment to quality.

The compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards and the certification based on the Total Quality Guarantee according to Directive 2014/68/EU testify to the high product quality standard. The high performance of the range of this Parma-based company results also from other factors. Mingazzini, in fact, is also known for its structural characteristics that maximize efficiency and practicality.

Three-pass boilers and the steam reversal chamber totally immersed in water are just some of the essential elements that contribute to make Mingazzini products highly performing and reliable over time. These elements have allowed the company to quickly cross-national borders, becoming an ambassador of Italian quality, thanks to increasingly advanced and customized systems, with solutions tailored to customer needs also in terms of sustainability, one of the company’s main focuses, which is constantly committed to providing cutting-edge solutions.

Thanks to Low NOx burners and energy recovery systems, energy savings are maximized while meeting the most restrictive regulations on emissions. Innovative solutions and the constant search for excellence confirm Mingazzini as a reference brand, combining tradition and innovation to constantly exceed the expectations of customers all over the world.