Wine fermenters


GANIMEDEGanimede, a patented wine-making fermenter, is used by the wine-making sector all over the world. It contributes to improve the quality of the final product while reducing production costs. Customizable, and available for capacities from 1 to 2000 hl, this fermenter is ideal for white, red and rosé wines, and can be used also for their storage. It can be exploited as always-full option by injecting inert gas under the diaphragm through a special valve, and it is suitable for pre-and post fermentative skin maceration. Thanks to its simple use and flexibility, it guarantees a scientific and repeatable management of the maceration-fermentation process. Thanks to the natural and constant restirring of the grape marcs and the fall of the grape seeds to the bottom on the second day of fermentation, the resulting wines are soft and round, and not astringent. The key advantage is the possibility of effectively extracting the noble substances contained in the skins, especially when grapes are not perfectly ripe.

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